Endless Potential

Coastal Singles Kit

We all know the challenges of owning a boat, shipping and cost.  We have mastered assembly and fiberglass and carbon fiber.  We can ship you the boat hull which you assemble at home and at your leisure. It will be fulfilling giving birth to a life altering boat which gives you a higher quality of life.  Not to mention a mean full body non gravity workout.

Olympic Singles Kit

Ever wanted to feel what the real racing boats felt without substantial commitments on your time and resources?  Then this is your path.  We can send a complete boat with instructions on how to assemble and be stiff and fast as a real Olympic class racing shell.

Sectional Coastal

We build sectionalized complete coastal doubles and singles.  No need to have a storage space for the whole boat. Just unscrew or unclip and put it inside. Live in the city?  No problem, take it up in the elevator.  Above is a rough sketch of what the disassembled sections would look like

About us

I love the water and I love rowing and I love the freedom rowing gives.  I have worked on developing the coastal rowing shell that meets FISA floatation standards.  The boat is self bailing and performs outstanding in extremely rough weather given the skill of the rower.  

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