Coastal and Fine Rowing Boat  Kits.

We create custom fine boat and coastal rowing kits that you can assemble and build. Wherever you are in the world we can ship directly to you.  No need to pay for a container to own a rowing boat.  We ship directly to your front door or your address. We use our own hand built mold and this keeps the price extremely affordable.  With a few hours of  building, you can enjoy the outdoors and improve the quality of your life. Contact us by messaging 1-302-219-9866, emailing or filling out our form. You will receive a response by email within 24 hours.


Fine and Coastal Rowing Boats

We build great singles and doubles fine and coastal rowing boats at an affordable price.   For as little as $1,500.00 for singles fine and coastal and 3,500 for a doubles fine or doubles Coastal Boat. You can even pay in installments. What are you waiting on?


Sectional Boats

Want to have your own rowing boat but you live in an apartment?  No problem, just break it into sections and take it up.  Easy joining and dissasembly mean you can have it anywhere.  No more restrictions.  We can even ship them to you in sections, that way you can get it anywhere in the world.  Starting from $3,500.00 Contact us by calling, emailing or filling out our form. You will receive a free quote by email within 24 hours.

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